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How To Lock An Electric Scooter?

How to lock an electric scooter

Typically, the electric scooter comes in weight around 23 kg. That lightweight makes this vehicle easy enough to fit in a car. So, stealing the scooter becomes easier. That’s why you need to focus on a secure looking system whenever you leave your scooter in the parking. Alternatively, you can simply push your scooter and keep on your backpack and carry it. But, that isn’t a proper solution because you can’t always do it.

So, let’s see how to lock an electric scooter in the following section.

How to secure electric scooter?

You can use multiple locking systems to secure your e scooter. Let’s see how to lock your electric scooter using different locking items.

Cable locks

Cable lock offers the most affordable option to secure a scooter because it is especially designed for bicycles. Its flexible design allows you to wrap around your scooter’s any of your desired parts. Then, locate the item that fits inside the locks to attach. Storing is also blissful, you can easily carry on your backpack or store directly on your scooter.

One drawback is really frustrating, like anyone can cut it easily using a wire cutter.

Ring locks

Ring locks seem perfect for the scooter which comes with open spokes. Such scooter wheel is similar to Turboant X7. It comes with a hardened steel ring in the center. Using it, you can wrap the cable through the wheel’s rim and retard it from rotating.

While using you just need to slide the key (that is attached to the steel bar), therefore the steel bar becomes hardened and slides through the rear wheel locking in place. Then you can easily remove it using the key.

Chain lock

Chain lock offers the same locking system similar to the cable lock. The manufacturer attached a covered chain link that works to secure a scooter to any object.

This lock can’t be easily cut using a hacksaw, wire cutters or bolt cutter.

U-Lock or D-Lock

If you are looking for the most secure and traditional type locking system, you can choose U-Lock or D-Lock. This lock comes with a hardened steel shackle. You can attach that shackle to the scooter and a hard object.

Anything like power tools or strong bolt cutters will fail to cut this lock. One drawback is found in carrying. Its rigid design doesn’t let you carry comfortably like cable locks or chain locks.


Grip lock is really clean and simple to use. Using this lock, you can secure your electric scooter’s handlebars. All you need to do is just go around the handlebar, pull on the brake lever, keep the front brake pulled and lock it dead. After installing successfully, your scooter will stay in place and retard to be pushed away easily.

If you use only this lock, you will allow the thief to pick up the scooter and keep on the truck to go away. So, we don’t recommend using this locking system for the lightweight scooter.

Alarm system

If you need additional security rather than lock, then use an alarm system for your scooter. After installing, stealing it becomes so hard because the loud alarm will activate while breaking the bike lock.

Disc Locks

Disc locks have been used for a long time on motorcycles but on a scooter, sometimes you may not find much gap to get the large pin. Today, some manufacturers bring special disc locks for scooters. This type of lock has a smaller pin and that passes through the vent holes of the disc. You can easily open it up and pop it on snap into place.

Cuff Locks for E-Scooters

You can use this type of lock for your street bikes, scooters, motorbike, and mopeds. The compact design makes it suitable to attach any vehicle to a fence post or a parking meter.

The manufacturer uses sturdy laminated steel, therefore; it becomes tough to cut. You can avoid using leverage because it comes with a pivoting lock which helps to anchor. After attaching, no one can’t lift or move the vehicle easily.

Five Tips of Locking An Electric Scooter

Now, you have the information of different locking instruments. Now, we will share some tips on how to lock your electric scooter effectively.

1. Make sure locking your scooter

You need to lock your electric scooter whenever you leave it. Here the time doesn’t matter. For instance, you need to lock the scooter, although you leave your scooter for a short time. Also, you need to ensure the scooter is properly locked both day and night even though you aren’t staying with the scooter.

2. Cover the scooter

Coving the electric scooter will make the scooter less attractive to thieves. If you cover your scooter up, the thief needs to take the cover off to see the scooter type. Typically, thieves don’t want to engage in a complex process to steal anything. If you cover the scooter up it will add an extra step in the process of stealing.

3. Use multiple lock

If you have capability, then use multiple locking systems. It will be better to use at least more than one lock. More than one lock will make the stealing tough and complex. The thief needs to go through extra steps to steal the bike. Finally, you can ensure proper safety of your scooter.

4. Lock the scooter with any heavy and stable item

When you are going to lock your scooter up, you should choose something stable and heavy. If you ensure something like that, no one can’t easily lift the scooter or the object.

5. Make sure the scooter is accessory-free

Some items can easily open from the scooter. If you leave those, anyone can easily get those when you leave the scooter. Usually, if the thief can’t take the scooter, then they target helmet, gloves and something like this. That’s why you don’t leave such items when you are not around the scooter.

How to lock segway ninebot scooter?

Segway ninebot scooter is one of the top rated scooters on Amazon. If you have this top rated scooter, you should ensure a proper locking system when you are not around; otherwise you need to lose it. Let’s see how to lock up electric scooter in the following section.

  • First and foremost, you need to find a secure place, especially a sturdy and stable stand to attach your scooter using the lock. In our process, we use the U-Lock.
  • Now, we locate the thicker part of the scooter because the thicker part works well to ensure secure lock.
  • Next, you need to put the key to separate the U from the crossbar and then get the U through your chosen thicker part of the scooter. Then, pop the lock in and hopefully, your locking is pretty much done.
  • If you want an additional secure system, then use the flux cable.
  • After taking the flux cable, you need to pass it through the rear wheel and put those two heads on the U-Lock and lock.

Final Thought

Actually, you won’t find any invincible locking system. The thief can easily steal wherever they want. But, you can keep your vehicle secure if you make your vehicle too inconvenient. So, take a lock and try to prevent the vehicle from being stolen. Hopefully, you get some information regarding your query on “how to lock an electric scooter”. So, we leave and wish you a happy ride using an electric scooter.

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