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How To Make Your Electric Scooter Faster?

How to make your electric scooter faster

Roaming around the city with an electric scooter is indeed great fun. Behind that, you will find plenty of reasons like license-free, no need to wear a helmet, etc. Moreover, the riding is simple yet economical. But, sometimes, the slow speed can’t give ultimate fun. That’s why people usually ask “how to make your electric scooter faster”. To reveal that question, let’s jump into the following discussion.

How to make your electric scooter faster?

Today we show you how to speed up the Hover one pioneer electric scooter. Most of the e-scooter offer two different speed modes like slow and super speed mode. Our selected one also has those two. The slow mode allows riding at nine miles per hour and the super speed mode allows up to 15 miles per hour.

You may know the e-scooter comes with a limiter, if you remove that, you can speed up the device. Note that the speed won’t cross 50 miles per hour or something that ridiculous; rather, it will become 20 maximum.

1st Method

Attention: After increasing the speed, you also need to upgrade the batter with a bigger one. The reason is the more speed will eat up more battery power. So, the existing one can’t deal efficiently.

Let’s reveal the process of how to make my electric scooter go faster.

  • Typically, the limiter lies underneath the contraption. So, locate that area.
  • The box will be attached with little screws. You need to open those. To open those, you need to take a little screwdriver or hex screwdriver.
  • For this scooter, I use 5/64 size to remove 17 screws. If you face too hard a screw, you can use star type fatal. Without using that, the screw could be stripped completely.
  • When you unscrew the scooter, ensure disconnecting the battery to remain safe. You can easily disconnect the connection by unplugging the wire.
  • Now, head to the end or where the wire connection lies. There you will find a white wire, you can unplug the wire. After unplugging, you need to pull that back inside.
to make your electric scooter faster
  • Next, take an electric tape and tap the open ends of the white wire. Hence the water or anything messes nothing up.
  • After tapping up, now seal everything back in and screw all the screw in.

2nd Method:

  • First, take a screwdriver and Allen or some kind of wrench to screw off the different lengths of screws.
  • After opening the contraption, you will see the metal bracket to reach the guts of the processor.
  • Typically, the processor lies in the box and is attached with screws. Before unscrewing the box, you need to disconnect the wire.
  • Once you unscrew the metal box, you will get the circuit board.
  • Now, take a piece of paper clip and measure the length like the picture and cut it off.
  • If you don’t have solder, you can use tape, hot glue or super glue to keep that on there.

How to make your Xiaomi scooter faster?

Today we show you how to increase the speed of the Xiaomi M365. Actually, my selected model is the Chinese black model. You can easily identify the model by checking the serial number of the last 8 digit 00062325. The Chinese model comes with two fuses. If the number below, then you only have one fuse.

Note: My showing modification won’t be applicable if the scooter comes with one BMS dead fuse.

Hopefully, your scooter has two fuses so, let’s go ahead.

In our process, we need an Android phone, a fully charged scooter.

  • First, you need to visit Google Play Store to install an app named “m365 downG” which is developed by Kami Alpha.
  • Similar to the app, you also need to install firmware files and then extract in somewhere you will remember.
  • Then, you need to load the m3 65 downG app and turn on the scooter and tap connect => tap check version
  • Once you tap on the check version, it will list the BMS Bluetooth and speed controller firmware versions. Also, you can see the battery date tap and open the bin button and navigate to where you extracted the zip files,
  • After reaching, you will see some files.
  • Among them, 200 CFW is a custom speed controller firmware. That will raise the speed limit to about 31 kilometers per hour. Here the brakes change to be much more aggressive. Also, that firmware allows better coasting or freewheeling down slight Hills.
  • 200c fww is supposed to be a weaker version of the 200 cfw. But, the test says both are the same.
  • Another is PL e0 72 which is actually a Bluetooth firmware and supposed to improve connection to iOS devices.
  • BMS 107 and BMS one ⅕  is a battery management firmware. BMS 107 outputs a little bit more power and may be little inaccurate in displaying battery percentage. On the other hand, BMS one ⅕ is supposed to be more accurate at displaying battery percentage.
  • DRV one-30 is the old factory speed controller firmware.
  • DRV 134 is a newer speed controller firmware.
  • Next, you need to choose your desired firmware and then tap flash. After one minute, it should be done.
  • Up next, you need to tap the check version. Then, the new firmware will show you a quick note like “If you flash any of the custom firmware, it will show up as DRV 130”.
  • Once you test all the firmware, you will get a blissful result from cfw200 w and cfw200. While the other 2 stuck can’t cross 26, but those two can catch the max speed limit 29.

Some drawbacks:

  • When you increase the speed the more power will make the motor much warmer. So, check the warm days especially after a long uphill.
  • Another problem you can encounter is if the battery becomes too warm, it won’t take a charge. The solution behind is you can leave the charger plug into. When the scooter cools down enough, the scooter will start charging automatically.

Some facors that influence the speed of the electric scooter

The weight of the Rider

While riding with a heavy rider, the motor and the battery of the scooter work harder to ensure the maximum speed of the machine. So, check the manual to get the recommended weight.

Pressure of the Tire

For the pneumatic tire, you need to check the pressure. The reason is that too soft tire make will decrease the scooter’s speed and range. Plus, that tire can’t absorb shock efficiently while riding on rough terrain.


Obviously, a battery with a large capacity offers more power because of stores more charge. Therefore, it will help you in extended range capability.


Someone typically designs an electric scooter for the urban road. The smooth surface is the main reason behind that design. There, an e-scooter will give you a smooth riding experience. Nevertheless, the rural dirt road will force the scooter to run slowly because the tire may sink to the ground. Also, the bumps and lumps influence the speed of the machine.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, your thrilling experience will be unlocked when you hit the top speed of your electric scooter. But, you need to be careful enough because the speed may cause any serious accident, so get enough knowledge on safety procedures.

However, we hope we can cover all the detailed information you need under this topic on how to make your electric scooter faster. Finally, I wish you happy riding. Don’t forget to visit our homepage.

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