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How To Charge Electric Scooter Without Charger?

How To Charge Electric Scooter Without Charger

The electric scooter is considered the cheapest vehicle among the transportation. An electric motor helps to move the scooter using power from a battery. So the battery is the essential part of an electric scooter.

The essential thing is to make sure that the battery of the scooter is fully charged. This may be done through regular use or, if necessary, by a charger provided with the scooter.

However, If the charger gets damaged or absent, you can also charge it. Our today’s article will briefly explain how to charge electric scooter without charger. So let’s check out.

Is it really possible to charge an electric scooter battery without a charger?

It is safe and possible to charge a scooter battery except for a charger. There are special methods that can be applied to charge the battery of a scooter that helps to charge the battery while the charger gets damaged or absent.

However, remember to follow the steps before doing it. Charging a battery is safe and easy if you follow the below steps carefully.

How does the charging process actually work?

The electric scooter runs through a motor, and electricity is essential to run the motor. If the battery power is very low, the electric motor will not run, and the electric scooter also will not run. For this reason, the battery installed on the electric scooter has to charge regularly. A person may ride a scooter from 16 to 24 when the battery is full.

This distance is more than enough for a daily trip to the city. With minimal mistakes, the life of the battery can get a little worse. So, to take advantage of the electric scooter, ensure to charge according to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, if the charger gets damaged and you are not able to follow the builder’s instructions, you’ll have to resort to other solutions.

The common way to charge scooter battery without charger

For charging your scooter battery in your home without a charger, you can follow these basic steps:

Remove the battery

Before charging the scooter, firstly, you must remove its battery. This alternative process generates huge heat, causing the battery to overheat. By checking the direction, you can simply remove it.

Disconnect the scooter battery

Then disconnect it by disconnecting the positive and negative cables. These cables usually attach with smooth notches or clips. The plug must be removed carefully to avoid damage.

Place the battery

You need to place the battery dry before connecting with a power supply or a car jumper.

Charge the battery by using a car jumper

The portable jumper is a suitable and popular battery charging method for a scooter. Therefore, an ordinary battery can have a high voltage. If you use this method, you need to take the following steps:


In order to charge your electric scooter, firstly, you need to connect the battery with a jumper. You need to fix the red cable to the plus port and the rest cable to the minus port. When inserting the battery connection properly, make sure there are no cracks or leaks. Otherwise, it may become dangerous.

On the Jumper

Then on the switch of the jumper. To fully charge the battery, you need to connect it to the jumper for around 20 minutes. Do not disconnect the battery from the jumper while charging. Failure to do so may cause battery failure and even electric shocks.

Remove the Jumper

Now you should disconnect or turn off the jumper when the scooter battery gets a full charge. You can do it by plugging out the negative cable from the jumper. You can also do it by disconnecting the plus cable of the battery connection, now the ride your electric scooter.

How can I charge my scooter battery without a charger?

You can regularly charge an electric razor scooter except for a regular charger if it gets damaged or absent.

Here are some simple step-by-step instructions to help you to charge an electric razor scooter faster:

Step 1

Firstly, remove the scooter battery. It is placed among a rod set, which is loosened by unscrewing the screw. Unplug the cables you take that you find with the battery.

Step 2

Then you may see the plus and minus terminals. Now find the same cable clip for the high voltage cable. The red cable has to attach to the plus terminal and the black cable to the minus pole.

Step 3

The charger should have a charging indicator to swing the level of charge. When the charge is complete, you will be notified with green indicator light. Based on the battery type, charging time can range from two hours to more hours.

Step 4

After completing the battery charge, your work won’t stop there. Carefully separate the connection of the battery and charger. Lastly, insert the battery into the scooter. Now your job is finished.

Some important tips for charging an electric scooter battery without a charger

Here are some tips to keep in mind when charging an electric scooter battery without a charger:

  • Each battery has its own time to take full charge. While some can take 1 to 2 hours, others can take 12 to 24 hours. Make sure to follow the user manual.
  • You may utilize a voltmeter to check the charging level. For example, if you see a lightning indicator below 12, there is a limit to the charge of the battery, but if it is 12-13, you better go.
  • The battery may overheat after charging. Replace the battery when it returns to normal condition.
  • To do so, you can keep the battery in the open air for some time.
  • Do not charge the battery immediately after driving because the battery may become very hot.
  • Always ensure that the scooter battery charges at least 30-40%.

Conclusive Discussion

This is all. Hope now you know how to charge electric scooter without charger. If you face any disturbance contract with us, we are always ready to help you.

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