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Best Electric Scooter Under $300: Check Our Top 7 Picks Right Now!

Best Electric Scooter Under $300

Is it possible to purchase the best electric scooter under $300? If you can, will it be able to survive tough beatings? How long do $300 electric scooters last? I’m sure that your interest in the best budget electric scooter has dragged you to our article. Don’t worry as our content will definitely clear up all the confusion.

Electric scooters are a great source of fun & entertainment. They are also a simple transport to roam around the town. It might seem unrealistic but a $300 electric scooter will be a great combination of fun, features & price indeed. However, there are a wide range of collections in the market. So; it’s not a piece of cake to choose the best one. 

That’s why, in our content we have highlighted the top 10 electric scooters within an affordable range. We have also provided essential guidelines and FAQs for further assistance. So, check our detailed content below for further discussion now!

What To Expect From An Electric Scooter Under $300?

If it’s a $300 scooter, it doesn’t have to be low in quality. Yes, they might not be as premium as high end ones, but budget scooters are pretty durable. Most electric scooters of this range come with a motor of 250W or 350W.

Only a few cheap scooters are efficient in uphill climbing. However, trust me, you can enjoy most of the adventurous rides in these cheap ones. As an adult scooter, they might have a weight bearing capacity of 220 to 256 lbs. Nowadays, many budget scooters offer premium ratings like – water resistance IP54 or IPX4.

Our Top Picks!

Best Electric Scooter For Efficient Motor: 

Razor Power Core E90 Glow Electric Scooter:

The scooter features a 90 W motor to offer a speedy ride.

Best Electric Scooter Overall:

Razor E200 Electric Scooter: It’s a classy scooter with superior motor and battery life to ensure a speedy ride and continuous usage upto 40 minutes or 1 hour.

Best Electric Scooter For Battery Life:

 Hover-1 Aviator Electric Scooter: It’s the best scooter for long battery life. After the battery is full, it can ensure a ride of 4 miles.

Best Electric Scooter For Kids: 

Razor E100 Electric Scooter: It is the best scooter for kids as it offers a 10 mph speed to ensure a safer ride.

Best Electric Scooter For The Speed:

 Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter: It’s an efficient scooter which ensures a speedy ride wherever you go.

Best Electric Scooter For Adults:

Folding Kick Scooter: It’s a high speed, foldable, adjustable and convenient scooter to roam around.

Best Budget Electric Scooter:

Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Stunt Scooter: It offers the best quality wheels, bearing and smooth ride within an affordable price.

Best Electric Scooter For Adults Under $300: Check Our Exclusive Reviews & Buy The Best One Now! 

In this segment we have reviews the 7 best scooter at an affordable range. As our reviews are 100% authentic, you can choose any of them as per your requirement & convenience.

1. Razor Power Core E90 Glow Electric Scooter:

Razor Power Core E90 scooter offers incomparable speed, support, service and style. As it’s a trusted brand of USA & Canada, there is no doubt in their quality and capability. 

The Razor scooter features a 90 watt hub motor with high torque. Just push the throttle and it will offer a speed of 10 mph. Step on the scooter, speed up and the electroluminescent light & LED lights will glow wherever you go.


Brand: Razor

Color: Black/Red (Glow).

Handle Height: 32.9 Inches.

Handlebar Type: Not adjustable.

Number of Wheels: 2.

Wheel Material: Polyurethane.


  • Razor features 6 LED light & electroluminescent wire to light up the ride everything you speed up and twist the throttle.
  • It is equipped with a 90 watt high torque hub motor to ensure maintenance free smooth acceleration. 
  • As it is equipped with a 12V rechargeable lead-acid battery, it can ensure 60 minute continuous use.
  • The frame is quite solid yet portable and made up of steel. 
  • You can expect a smooth ride as the rear wheels feature pneumatic tires. 
  • It offers all the premium features like front brake and kickstand.

What Does The Customer Say?

It’s a highly functional scooter with better longevity. Yes, it will take some time to charge but the riding time is impressive as promised. Its motor is quite efficient to provide speedy ride as well.

We would specifically suggest for kids of 6 or 7 years old as the scooter is too small.

2. Razor E200 Electric Scooter:

Are you looking for a bigger scooter to support kids upto 13 years old? If yes; go for Razor E200 as it’s not only a full size deck but also is equipped with a 200 watt motor. The motor is a hightorque one to provide a speed of 12 mph. The battery is also enough to ensure a continuous use of 40 minutes.

It is the best electric scooter under $300 as its steel framework is durable, the motor is powerful and the battery life is impressive. We would recommend to invest in Razor E200 especially if your kid is up for cruising with his buddies.  


Brand: Razor.

Color: White.

Number of Wheels: 2.

Wheel Size: 8 Inches.

Frame Material: Alloy Steel.

Item Dimensions: 37″ x 42″ x 16″.

Item Weight: 19.3 Kg.

Warranty Description: 90 days.

Material: Aluminum & Plastic.


  • Razor E200 features a durable frame and full-size deck. Thus; it is suitable for users up to 13 years old. 
  • The scooter features a high torque 200-watt motor to provide a speed upto 19 km/h. 
  • The company has provided two rechargeable batteries to offer a run time of 40 minutes. 
  • You will need two lead-acid batteries of 12V for proper riding. 
  • The all-steel framework is quite durable and solid to undergo rugged usage.
  • You can also enjoy a great control by hand operated brakes & twistgrip acceleration.
  • The scooter is equipped with 8-inches front and rear pneumatic tires to ensure a comfy ride even on smooth surfaces.

What Does The Customer Say?

It’s an awesome and affordable Razor scooter with an excellent speed. It’s not too fast or too slow for a 11 ie 12 years old kid. Customers have loved it for it for its prolonged battery life.

Some customers have complained that the package took too much time to be delivered. However, the packaging was good enough.

3. Hover-1 Aviator Electric Scooter:

E-scooter can give you an unforgettable experience of joy when you are just roaming from one place to another. That’s why; Hover-1 came up with Aviator Electric scooters which have an efficient brushless motor, high voltage battery, long battery life and proper cruising control. So, you can obviously expect a smooth, stable and skid-free performance.


Brand: Hover-1.

Package Dimensions:   ‎40.6″ x 20″ x 7″.

Package Weight: ‎12.66 Kg.

Item Dimensions: 40″ x 6.5″ x 19.09″.

Item Weight: 20 lbs.

Color: Iridescent

Handlebar Type: Foldable.

Number of Wheels: 2.

Wheel Material: Stainless Steel.

Wheel Size: 6.5 Inches.


  • Hover-1 Aviator Electric Scooter is manufactured with a 300 W brushless motor with built-in suspension and 6.5-inches tire to endure a comfortable ride.
  • Riders will definitely feel the ultimate thrill as the scooter offers a range of 7 miles and a speed of 15 mph.
  • As the scooter is only 21 lbs, it’s easy to lift and ride.
  • By using the cruise control feature, they can maintain a constant speed even on long outings.
  • A high voltage battery (36V) empowers the motor to achieve a high speed.
  • The battery takes around 5 hours to complete charging and offers a distance of 1.4 miles after 1 hour charging.
  • For the utmost convenience, the Aviator scooter comes with LCD display featuring power button, cruise control, battery status, speedometer and many more.
  • In order to ensure a safe ride even in the dark, the deck features reflectors and LED lights.
  • The brand cares about your safety. That’s why, they have featured disk brake for a stable & skid-free ride.

What Does The Customer Say?

It’s a stylish scooter to ride & enjoy around. The best thing about this scooter is its battery. You can go for a solid ride of 4 miles once the scooter is fully charged.

Their customer service is not much responsive or helpful.

4. Razor E100 Electric Scooter:

The well known brand Razor has come with the Razor E100 scooter which features hand operated brake and grip acceleration.  It also features a super efficient motor to offer a speed of 16 km/h. So, young riders and rookies can enjoy adventurous tides with confidence. The dazzling Blue lights on the deck will also boost up their charm when they will speed up to roam around the town gracefully.


Brand: Razor.

Package Dimensions: ‎34″ x 17.5″ x 8″.

Item Dimensions: 16″ x 35″ x 32.5″.

Color: Glow Black.

Number of Wheels: 2.

Wheel Material: Polyurethane.

Frame Material: Alloy Steel.

Item Weight: 30 lbs.


  • Razor E90 electric scooter runs on a 100 watt, high torque motor.
  • Its overall range is around 16 km per hour.
  • The electric scooter is equipped with two  rechargeable 12 V lead Acid batteries. So, a user can ride on it continuously for 40 minutes.
  • You can enjoy a smooth ride even on the rough surfaces by the 8-inches pneumatic tires.
  • As the scooter is made up of steel alloy, it can easily undergo rugged usage.
  • The brand has doubled up the fun by featuring blue light on the deck. It will dazzle whenever & wherever you go.

What Does The Customer Say?

It’s a cool scooter to ride and offers a speed of 10 mph which is perfect for kids & teenagers. The battery is efficient enough to run for 30 to 40 minutes continuously. Razors Customer service and warranty support is awesome as well.

Few customers have complained about the longevity of the battery.

5. Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter:

The brand, Gotrax wants you to enjoy the most when you are out on the roads. Thus, they have designed GKS scooter which can act as both kick scooter & electric scooter. As it’s super easy to control, kids can master to ride it within some hours. Tap on the front button and kick push to ride on a speed of 1.8 mph. Later the gravity sensor can assist in acceleration upto 7.5 mph. Now you can enjoy a prolonged entertainment, as it features a high voltage battery and high power motor.


Brand: Gotrax.

Color: Black.

Wheel Size: 6 Inches.

Number of Wheels: 2.

Wheel Material: Rubber.

Wheel Type: PU.


  • The 150 watt motor can provide quality speed of 7.5 mph.
  • As the scooter is only 17 lbs, kids can easily lift it along the stairs.
  • It features 6-inches wheels for comfy ride even on the bumpy sidewalks.
  • This is a perfect scooter for kids of 6 to 12 years old. Its weighing capacity ie around 154 lbs.
  • Its 50.4 W Lithium battery can ensure a smooth ride and acceleration up to 7.5 mph.

What Does The Customer Say?

It’s the best scooter for speed even on the uphill rides.

The Customer support is not helpful at all. 

6. Folding Kick Scooter:

Folding Kick Scooter is one of the best cheap electric scooters for adults as well as kids. Its handlebar is super adjustable and the deck can carry more than 220 pounds. I’m confident that you will love this one for its durable wheels, ABEC-7 bearing, smooth gliding and non-slip rubber deck.


Brand: SereneLife.

Package Dimensions: 33.25″ x 14.25″ x 5.75″.

Package Weight: 14.07 lbs.

Item Weight: 10.8 lbs.

Color: Purple.

Handlebar Type: Adjustable.

Number of Wheels: 2.

Wheel Material: Polyurethane.

Wheel Size: 8 Inches.


  • Folding Kick Scooter has an alloy framework which is durable enough to hold upto 220 lbs.
  • It features an 8-inches Polyurethane tire and ABEC-7 bearing wherever you go.
  • Due to the kickopen mechanism, it’s super convenient to fold & unfold the scooter.
  • The rubber deck is durable and non-slip to ensure steady footing.
  • Front wheels feature special mud guard for better resistance and to avert water splashes.
  • Its handlebars are adjustable enough to suit kids, teenagers as well as adults.

What Does The Customer Say?

Folding Kick Scooter is the best scooter for adults under $300. It’s a high speed board with easy & efficient brakes. I bet that you will love it for its convenient folding features & durable construction.

Even though the deck is large, the space for foot placement is not comfy enough.

7. Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Stunt Scooter: 

If you are looking for the best electric scooter under $300 for professional performance, Mongoose Rise Freestyle Stunt Scooter will be the best option indeed. Its durable yet lightweight deck with extended area. So, adults can enjoy the pace they need to rock on the town. 

As this scooter is heavy-duty, it can hold variety of riders weighing more than 220 lbs. I’m confident that every rider will love it for its superior grip on the deck, Alloy wheels, ABEC-9 bearings and other premium features. 


Brand: Mongoose.

Package Dimensions: ‎27.36″ x 23.35″ x 4.84″.

Package Weight: ‎5.9 kg.

Item Dimensions: 27.56″ x 19.69″ x 35.43″.

Item Weight: 5.46 Kg.

Color: Black/Tan.

Number of Wheels: 2.

Frame Material: Alloy Steel.

Item Weight: 5.46 Kg.

Age Range: Adult.

Warranty Description: 1 year limited warranty.


  • Mongoose alloy deck is a lightweight board with enough space for pro-style performance.
  • The scooter features highly durable alloy wheels, ABEC-9 bearing and superior grip on the board for a safe & non-slip ride.
  • A User can enjoy ultimate comfort due to the durable steel T handle. 
  • Its CNC clamp collar, alloy fork and thread less headset provides a crispy and precise steering.
  • As it is made up of a heavy-duty frame, it can support users upto 220 pounds.

What Does The Customer Say?

If we consider the price, it is definitely the best electric scooter for adults under $300. The most ideal height for riding this scooter is 5 feet 8 inches.

As the aluminum frame is kind of thin, several customers weren’t satisfied with its build quality. 

How To Choose The Best Cheap Electric Scooter? 

As you are going for the best scooter under $300, you have to be very wise. That’s because – choosing a random one will definitely be a loss of investment. You have to be aware of hundreds of factors including battery, portability, tire, speed and many more. Let’s check below for a detailed discussion on them right away!

Brand Name: 

While purchasing the best budget electric scooter, you should go for a famous or a rising brand. A regular or cheap brand can’t really provide the service you require. The most famous brands in this decade are – Gotrax, Razor, Kugoo, Hiboy, MacWheel, etc.

Nowadays, there are some brands which are working pretty hard to make their place in the market, such as – ViroRides, Evo, Phaewo, Joyor & RND. 


The Best yet affordable scooters generally come with highly efficient batteries like – Lithium & Lead Acid battery.

Lithium Battery:

Lithium batteries have a bigger limit & efficiency than the Lead Acid ones. 

Lead Acid Battery: 

Lead batteries are well built yet highly portable. They lose their charge faster than others.


Going for a lightweight scooter will be an incredible idea as it ensures better portability indeed. Naturally a 20 lb bike is easy to carry where you will require a real strength to convey a 40 lb one. However, heavy weight means large battery which ensures a better support & longevity.

Types Of Brake: 

Generally there are 3 types of brake, including –

Circle Brakes: 

Circle Brakes offer the best functionality, dependability and resistance. As they are basically a mechanical brake, they will require maintenance over time.

Electric Brakes: 

Electric Brakes mainly function by a lever responsible for creating a resistance within the motor. When the electric brake is in function, the scooter will eventually decelerate. Electric brakes are now in demand as they don’t add up any weight to the scooter.

Foot Brakes: 

Foot Brakes feature a hinged fender which is responsible for creating resistance in the rear wheels. Just press on the rear tire and activate the foot brake for gradual deceleration. Be very careful, because many riders lose their balance during slight movements to activate the foot brake.

Nowadays; many scooters come with a mixture of multiple brakes like – Circle & electric brake, foot brake & electric brake.


Most electric scooters come with pneumatic tires to offer a smooth ride all the way around. However, you need to check them out routinely as they are prone to swelling & puncture.


The choice of the best cheap electric scooter will depend upon the age of the user as well. You will definitely require extra security features for the kids. Teenagers will need powerful batteries to enjoy adventurous rides. Moreover, people of all ages don’t have the permission to ride on an electric scooter. For instance, 16 year old teenagers can have the license of riding an e-scooter in the USA.

Speed & Range: 

By range, we refer to the distance covered by a fully charged electric scooter. Speed is also an essential factor as a user will need a low speed scooter if he lives in a traffic ingested area.


Adventures are necessary to enjoy life to the fullest. However, the value of life is more indeed. So, it’s necessary to invest in the best scooter helmets & other safety gears irrespective of wherever you go. 


Can you buy a good electric scooter for $300?

Yes, nowadays there are many brands which are offering admirably featured electric scooters under $300. You just have to be wise and check out multiple factors like portability, durability, Brakes, speed and range before you invest in them.

How fast do $300 electric scooters go?

A $300 electric scooter is expected to have a speed of 15 mph and range of 5 to 15 miles. So, you will definitely love them to roam here and there around the town.

How long do $300 electric scooters last?

A user can expect an electric scooter to last for 2 to 4 years minimally with a range 5 to 15 miles. However, the longevity may largely vary depending upon the battery capacity and usage. 

What are the downsides of $300 electric scooters?

You may face several downsides if you invest in a cheap electric scooter.

  • Batteries of e-scooters tend to drain pretty fast over time.
  • It will take a significant amount of time to charge completely.
  • Some brands might short warranties.

Final Verdict: 

Is it worthy to invest in the best electric scooter under $300? Will it support me for long enough? Before going through our content I believe these queries were exploding in your head. Honestly, it’s totally worth purchasing a budget scooter if you are wise enough to choose. I believe our content has provided enough guidance to choose the best one.

Among our reviewed e-scooters I loved the Razor E200 Electric Scooter & Folding Kick Scooter for its durable motor, speed & performance. Invest in the one which has caught your attention the most and enjoy the ride on your favorite scooter now!

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